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Apostille for Japan

September 30th, 2012 | Posted by Sahil in Apostille

An Apostille Certificate is an official certificate issued to documents so they will be recognised in member states without further Legalisation. It’s normally issued from the state which the document has originated or in some cases other states can also issue an Apostille. Once the Apostille certificate is attached to the document confirming authenticity of signature and seals it can be presented in any country which recognises the Apostille. The authority which is receiving the document should now accept the seals and signatures as valid and true without requesting further evidence or proof. Certificate Apostille is always too hard to imagine especially when you are trying to facilitate the process from overseas. In Japan, we know how hard it is to go through each formality to get an Apostille certificate for your overseas marriage, foreign property purchases, business transactions or contacts.

We, Genius Apostille & Attestation services is based in UAE, Serving clients throughout the Middle East and around the world, we take care of everything regarding consulting and services to obtain official government authentication of personal and business documents within your time limit and price limit without letting you know about the hassle behind it. In our experience, we’ve learned that every situation is a unique one, and we work accordingly to figure out what needs to be done exactly to get your Apostille certificate! Genius Apostille & Attestation Company is the only ISO certified legalizing company in the world, a proof for our unparalleled service and expertise. So when it comes to legalizing documents, our service speaks for ourselves. We have a group of trained professionals with remarkable experiences and skills to satisfy your needs. If you want to know more about the Apostille certification in Japan, you can talk to our representative at info@apostilleindia.info. Or if you would like to read more about the steps behind the process, you can go through our website www.apostilleindia.info

If you are already ready to begin the process, send us your copy of certificate so that we can assess on your current situation and get started on getting your Japan Apostille certificate done. Our packages and fees are meant to provide your exact needs, but we will like to accommodate you even if there are some special requirements you prefer.

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