Hello Sir I have a personal signature card issued from State Bank of America, Which I need to get appostille stamping on it. I have passport of American origin, but the bank people asked me to get appostille stamp from India. Can I get apostille stamp on it. From where can I get this and what are the documents to be submitted?


Your document can get appostille stamp from India. Usually it is obtained from Delhi. But as you are having passport of American origin, it may be a difficult task to obtain appostille. If you have any other identification document such as pancard which is an origin of India, we can get the appostille stamp. But the personal signature card should clearly mention which is the document submitted as attachment and the details should be the same as the which one is enclosed.

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How can I get a job in country like Netherlands? For this how does legalization help?

You need someone there who can legally help you either your blood relatives, friends or may be a company who is going to employ you. Through your sponsor you can obtain a residential permit and then apply for a labor card. Apostilles of your original documents process valid in Countries who are members of Haque Convention to obtain employment visa, Family visa etc.

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The simplicity and widespread acceptance of an Apostille has resulted in becoming the most widely used method for legalizing a degree in order to use it internationally.

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