USA certificate for bahrain.

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For attesting USA certificates for Bahrain this is the procedure:-
1. Notary Public
2. Department of state
3. Bahrain embassy from Washington DC

Requirements: Original certificate & passport copy.

Time frame: 20-25 working days

Mission 24 x 7 /365

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The only ISO certified Attestation Company that provides full time customer service facility by our mission 24 x 7 /365 is ‘Genius Attestation Pvt. Ltd’. Live Support is a real time “chat” feature which enables you to interact with a customer service representative without a phone call. Get answers to your questions while using our website. Clicking the “Live Support” button, which proceeds to an on-line session with one of our representatives. Live Support is available all time irrespective of business hour. When you click on the button you will see a form that will allow you to send us a mail with your questions. You can chat with our Technical support Executives and get clear your doubts. Live Support is absolutely free! There are no hidden fees. We offer the service as a courtesy to our website visitors

Death,divorce and bankruptcy.

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Apostile of these documents like death,divorce and bankruptcy is done by Genius Attestation/Apostile Company.We have branches allover India and abroad,on major cities fo India .We afford attestation/apostile at best affordable price.

USA certificate for Kuwait.

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For attesting USA certificates for Kuwait the following steps should be followed:-
1.Notary Public .2.Department of state 3.Kuwait Embassy from Washington DC.
Requirements:- Orginal certfifcate with passport copy.

Why ‘Genius Attestation Service’ ranks to top?

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As Genius have been providing document legalization services for many years we have developed a vast experience of arranging Apostille certificates for our clients. We do not simply certify documents as many agents do, we ensure each document is treated correctly based on the way it is presented, signed or stamped. This ensures the document is accepted in the country you intend to use it. Whilst your document is in our possession we use secure courier networks (the same courier network used by the legal profession) and do not rely on traditional postal systems. Once we have completed the Apostille process we offer you secure return delivery of your document for a small additional fee.

Our primary objective is to ensure our clients’ documents are processed timely and efficiently. The document authentication and legalization process can be very frustrating. Objective of Genius is to relieve you of this burden. We will assure the best comfort and satisfaction all along the way for our customers. We also want to make sure that you get the best service from us and try to be an uppermost performing organization. We draw our strength and growth from our highly valued customers. Our mission is to provide our clients with customized problem solving in a timely and accurate manner.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call us on +91 8088054444 or mail us on info@apostilleindia.info for advice.

USA certificate for Qatar.

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USA certificate for Qatar:-
1.Notary Public .2.Department of state .3.Qatar Embassy from Washington DC.
Requirements:-Orginal certficate and Passport copy.

The purpose of the Convention is that it abolishes the requirement of diplomatic and consular legalization for public documents originating in one Convention country and intended for use in another. Documents issued in a Convention country which have been certified by a Convention apostille are entitled to recognition in any other Convention country without any further authentication. Such recognition is an obligation on the part of the United States to the other countries party to the Convention and the federal courts and state authorities have been alerted to this obligation. Consular officers in Convention countries are prohibited from placing a certification over the Convention apostille.If you have a document which you want legalized for use in another Convention country, the Convention certification called an “apostille” must be affixed to the document by a competent authority. The apostille is a preprinted form prescribed by the Convention.

USA certificate attestation for UAE

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“Genius Attestation Co.,”the only ISO Cerified Company for Attestation.
Attestation of USA documents for UAE the following steps should be followed:-
Notary Public,Department of State,UAE Embassy from Washington DC and the requirements are orginal certificate with passport copy. “Genius Attestation Co.,”the only ISO Cerified Company for Attestation.

UK certificate attestation for Qatar.

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UK Certificate Attestation for Qatar :-
1. Notary Public
2. Aposille
3. Foreign Common Wealth Office
4. Qatar embassy from London
Requirements:Orginal certificate & passport copy.

Apostile and Hague convention.

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Many nations joined to create a simplified method of legalization of documents for universal recognition.This group of nations are known as “Hague convention”.For these nations it is Apostile,the name of the members coming under Hague Convention are listed in our site.