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Apostille is a phrase which brings into mind terms like daunting, tiresome and hassle. Folks who deal with Certificate Apostille know this fact as they have gone through the time consuming and daunting chore. The very first thought that crosses one’s mind is to find a trustworthy and reputed corporation which provides quality Certificate Apostille and superb customer support. It is of utmost importance to find a Certificate Legalization company which has a verified track record of excellent customer relations, utter client satisfaction and of course reliability.Usually people from all over the globe require Certificate Apostille services for their marriage certificate or educational degrees. With the advancement in technologies and advent of World Wide Web, folks do not have to foray out of home to complete such tasks. The most important factor which should never be over looked is time responsiveness of a specific service provider

Information contained on the Apostille

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The certificate contains the following information:

Country of origin
Name of signatory on the document
The capacity in which that signatory has acted
If the document has been sealed/stamped instead of signed then the details of the authority
Place of certification
Date of certification
Issuing authorities details
Certificate number
Stamp of issuing authority
Authorised signature of authority

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Canada certificate for UAE

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For Canada certificate for UAE the followings should be done:-

Notary Public,University verification,Foreign affairs of Canada,UAE Embassy from Ottawa and the requirement is orginal certificate, filled transcript form and passport copy.
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Australia certificate for UAE

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Australian certificate attestation for UAE:

1.Notary Public
2.Foreign Affairs from Australia
3.UAE Embassy from Canberra

REQUIREMENTS: Original Certificate & Passport Copy

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Apostille is the legalisation of documents for international use.Members of Hague convention do apostile and non members do attestation of the documents.
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Apostille of non educational certficates

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1.Home dept attestation from concerned state or
Subdivisional Magistrate from Delhi
2.Apostile sticker from Ministry Extarnal Delhi
Requirement:-Orginal certf and passport copy.

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Apostille for an Indian Document.

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For the Apostille of Indian documents ,HRD authentication from concerned state and then Apostile sticker from MEA is needed.Orginal  Certificate and Passport Copy are the requirements for the same.

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An Apostille certificate is a globally accepted document attestation that got approval for the first time in the Hague Convention in the year 1961.’Apostille‘ is a French term meaning ‘a certification’. It is mainly a title given to the authentication certificate issued under the Hague Convention, abolishing the requirement of legalization of foreign public documents.Our India is a party to the Hague Legalization Convention.The GENIUS GROUP is the best Apostille Service Provider all over India.The only ISO CERTIFIED Attestation company in the world.The GLOBAL LEADER in Apostille as well.

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